King’s Gallery Moscow is a modern, well-equipped and comfortable gallery located in the very heart of Moscow, Bolshoy Palashevski – a prestigious historical and cultural centre. Bewitching atmosphere of the gallery with its leisurely music, soft light and pleasant staff dispose visitors to viewing Moscow’s modern masterpieces in the field of art.

The Gallery is dedicated to showcase contemporary Russian artists working in a variety of styles and mediums. The gallery is excited to present works in both traditional and non-traditional formats, which tackle a variety of concepts and perspectives. The conception of the gallery is to show different artists and different techniques to the visitors to give them a chance to find something exact on their taste. The primary emphasize is on art that inspires and engages the viewers.

The gallery itself represents a huge variety of paintings of prominent and influential contemporary artists those regularly take part in various fairs in Russia and around the world, participate in solo and group exhibitions and whose paintings can be found in great private collections world-wide. Also the gallery is open for young and gifted artists that have just started their careers in the world of art, but they are already full of creative thoughts and projects worth noticing.

Gallery is an attraction for all, and a “must” for the art lovers. An extensive collection of paintings from the best Russian artists will make indifferent no one. Everything that we carry is individually one-of-a-kind works of art and they are being offered at reasonable prices.

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Bolshoy Palashevski side-street 10, Moscow

Tel.: +7(495)5189684.