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Established in 2006, King’s Gallery has been pioneer in showcasing the spirits and essence of a promising group of Russian artists.  It owns one of the largest collections of highly collectible contemporary Russian paintings in Asia; our distinctive selections comprise works in great variety of style, which includes Realism, Abstractionism, Impressionism and Futurism.  Over the years, our chain of galleries in Central, Fo Tan and Moscow has played a prominent role in introducing quality works from Russia to an increasingly appreciate audience.

Our Services

Original Oil Painting

We collect a large number of unique paintings by over 150 Russian artists.  Painting themes include landscape, figure portraits, animal portraits, still-life and the abstract, all of which can supply art lovers and the public with quality art.

Limited Edition Art Print

We provide services of limited edition art print.  We encourage art lovers to share their collection with the public.  Our reproductions include Giclee prints on Hannemuller paper and Gouttelette prints on acid-free calcium carbonate-buffered archival watercolour paper.

Special Order

We also commission any of the artists presented by our gallery to create customized paintings in accordance to the customer’s wishes.



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