Selected Exhibition and Publications


Selected Exhibition

2002 October: “Harmony”, Central House of Artists.
2002 March: Center-M – gallery of modern art.
2004 May: Gallery Art-club.
2004 June: “Aist”, Central House of Artist.
2004 August: Gallery Art–Kiselev.
2004 September-October: “On the wall”, international exhibition of contemporary paintings, Olympic Grand Hall, London.
2004 December: Gallery Avant- Gardism, London.
2005 January: Gallery Art- Kiselev.
2005 May-April: Gallery Lolita, London.
2005 January-February: “Point of contact”, Central House of Artist.
2005 May-June: “Visit “, Central House of Artist.
2005 August: Gallery Art-club
2005 September-October: Gallery Avant- Gardism, exhibitory hall, London.
2005 October-November: Exhibitory hall, London.
2005 November-December: Gallery in the hotel “Radisson SAS”
2006 December-February: Information Center UNO, Moscow.
2006 January: Gallery Avant- Gardism, London.
2006 February-March: Gallery Center M, personal exhibition.
2006 January-April: Central House of Artist.
2006 May: “Sembank”, Conference hall.
2006 May: Central House of Artist.
2006 June-July: Art Gallery of Radisson SAS.
2006 July-August: Central House of Artist.
2006 November: Art Gallery of Radisson SAS, “Art-Café” in Prague, Czechia.
2007 January: Group exhibition, Central House of Artist.
2007 February-March: Group exhibition, Gallery Art-Club-X, Poland.
2007 May-July: Gallery Harmony.
October-November: “Summer”, Art-club.
2011 January: Group exhibition, King’s Gallery, Hong Kong
2011 March: “Harmony, Contemporary Russian Art” Group exhibition, Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong


2004 Exhibition catalogue (Tverskaya: Gallery Art– Kiselev)

2004 Catalogue, International fair of modern art “On the wall”, (London: Olympic Grand Hall)

2004 Internet-magazine, ”In memory of…” (Moscow painters magazine)

2005 Oleg Torchinskiy, “Travelling to other worlds”, (Gallery of Fine arts newspaper)

2006 Alena Mihailova , “A person who left a smile”, (Radius of Moscow magazine)

2007 Almanac-catalogue, “Art” , (Gella-Print)

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