Sergei Radyuk (1965 – )


1965 Born in Bielorussia
1982-1986 Studied painting under Yuri F. in the Art School of Minsk
1990 Exhibition hall of Union of Artists, Vologda Personal exhibition ,
Exhibition Hall of the Iinfancy Fund, Vologda
1991 Joint Exhibition <Spring-91>,<artists of Russia>
1992 Joint exhibition <Wreath Of The North>,<Landscape of Russia>,<Merry Christmas>
1993 Member of the Russia’s Painters Union
1994 Solo exhibition <Russian House>, <At the Maxin’s> Joint exhibition <Open For Yourself>, <Spring-94>,<Sunny Square>
1994-1995 Presided Vologda branch
1996 Solo exhibition CEH, Moscow, Joint exhibition
<Sunny Square3>, <Transit-96>, <Powers of Silence. Young Art of Russia> (Germany), <Art Manezh> <My Russia …My World>
1997 Member of the Professional Union of Russian Painters
1997 Solo exhibition at Russian Cultural and Scientific Center,
Joint exhibition <Sunny Square-4>, <Transit-97>, <Art-Manezh-97>
1998 Solo exhibition at gallery<Sunny Square>, joint exhibition at gallery
<Sunny Square>
1996-1999 President of International Non-commercial Organization of painters <Solnechni Kvadrat>
1999 Vice-chairman of <Solnechni Kvadrat>
1999 International exhibition <Sunny Square-6>,<Sunny Square-7>.Solo exhibition at Belgium <Falla>, Solo exhibition at France<RCSC>,Luxembourg <RCSC>, Moscow <Moscow garden>,<Slavianski>,<Hunt For Ladies>. Joint exhibition<All Colors>, <Aurora>, <all about life of cats>
2000 International art fair <EuroArt-2000>.Solo exhibition, RCSC, Luxembourg, <Sunny Square2000>, <From White to Black>, <Sunny Square 8>.Joint exhibition <Autumn Meeting>,<Sunny Square>
2001 Solo Exhibition, CEH, Moscow, Luxembourg <Circle Munster>

In 1989-1999 he lived and worked in Vologda, nowadays in Moscow.

Prize-winner of the UN art contest <My Russia….My World> Sergei Raduk is also laureate of contests <Transit-95> and <Transit-96> in the nomination <for best plastic solution>.There are works of the artist in the State Tretiakov Gallery, state museums of Vologda, Cherepovets, Sochi Totma, Saigon, Seoul, as well as in private collections of connoisseurs of art in Russia, Bielourussis, USA, Germany , France, Spain , Luxembourg, Belgium, Finland, Israel, China, Viet-Nam, south Korea and Syria.

Translation of Poems of Love

The sky was girded with a spring-color web
You were looking somewhere. In arms the bodies had melt
On the yesterday’s earth too tender tears bloomed white
Oh, how fresh is the earth for so early spring coming
suddenly round
Peaks of the winding trees are carried away to the clouds
Trunks became covered by unpretentious beings
You were standing incredibly tender and shy in your resting
Touching me with a smile, but without belief in yourself
You were speaking incredibly tender and warmly
Waking up from a very long winter dream on my arm
And not having belief to the words vernal tears had come to full flowers
Yesterday and today – all forgotten and left behind

Under the Sign of Moon

Between two moons lies eternity
Between you and me an abyss lies
Your tenderness is too tender
It brings me into mystery
You will embrace me on the sunset
As usual, drunken of love
I am going down to the dream again
Maybe you won’t know me this time
Speaking low voice of my love
Now I will not
Between love and love there is a space of pain
Yesterday you’ve come to my dream again

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  1. Hello
    I am interested by the pauns of alexey terenin, could You let me know what would be the best prince for this oil?
    thank You very much
    Sophie latourrette

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