Rahim Ahmedov (1921-2008)


Multifaceted creativity of the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Rahim Ahmedov ranks high among “pearls” of the country’s cultural heritage. In honor of the talented portrait-painter’s 90th date of birth, Visual Arts Gallery in Tashkent hosts a jubilee exhibition of works by the master through years of his bright and eventful life.

Rahim Ahmedov (1921-2008) is considered one of the founders of professional school of painting in Uzbekistan. All colors of contemporary fine art of the country, as well as peculiarities of various stages of its formation have found their bright reflection in the art works of the master. His products as Mother’s Reflection, Morning, and Motherhood entered the lists of masterpieces of the national art. The canvases of the painter in portrait genre are of special emphasis, as he created the whole gallery of images of renowned persons of the republic, as well as ordinary people personifying the special features of the national culture, making a considerable contribution to the development of this field of fine art of Uzbekistan.

Training by the well-known painter-impressionist Pavel Benkov played a significant role in formation of creative path of the master. After successful graduation from the Repin Petersburg Institute, Rahim Ahmedov started active creativity. His canvases became the part of many republican and international exhibitions. In spring of 2006, the first solo exhibition of the master Colors of My Motherland was organized at the Central House of Artist in Moscow by the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan Foundation that was timed to his 85th jubilee.

Currently the products of Rahim Ahmedov are preserved in museums and private collections all across the world.
“I am proud that had the opportunity to live and create next to such a great talented person who was the painter by nature, in my opinion. Beauty of the home place are vividly depicted in his works, while portrait works accurately reflect the character of the people depicted,” says the apprentice of Rahim Ahmedov, painter Bakhodir Jalolov.
Keeping the succession of the art school of Uzbekistan, expressing the respect for cultural and historical heritage of the people, The Fund Forum, Association of Art Historians and People’s Artists IJOD and Gallery of Fine Art organized the exhibition timed to the 90th date of birth of Rahim Ahmedov. Twelve halls of the Gallery have displayed over 200 portraits, landscapes, stilllifes, sketches and draft paintings by the renowned master representing the artistic overview of his fifty years of artistic creativity.

“I consider that the creativity of Rahim Ahmedov is the continuation of a series of great products of the world art. He was an outstanding, talented person by nature and could serve the worthy example for young artists,” noted the TV presenter and art expert Shahnoza Ghanieva.

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