Arkadi Zrazhevski (1962-)


Arkadi Zrazhevski was born in 1962, graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts in 1988. Since 1992, he started to participate in group exhibition and till 2003; he had organized 14 solo exhibitions in Moscow and other cities.
He was invited to be member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia in 1993. In 2002, he joined the membership of International Art Fund and was selected as the “Honored Worker of Culture”. He was the author of “30 one-man exhibitions”.

The range of subjects in Arkadi Zrazhevski’s canvas is various. Besides pictures of antiquarian utensils; he willingly paints festive and lyric still-lives with flowers, landscapes- quite nooks of the nature and recognizable architecture monument. Fine tastes, decoratively and sense of atmosphere- those are the qualities inherent to canvases of Arkadi Zrazhevski to highest degree.

His works are kept in museums, galleries, banking and private collections in Russia, France, Serbia, England, Israel, Mosambique, Iran, South Korea, USA, Austria, Germany and Taiwan.

The basic personal exhibitions:
1997 – Mytishchi, Art History museum
1997 – Moscow, ” Union Creativity ” gallery
1998 – Balashikha, town picture gallery
1998 – Moscow, Russian joint-stock company “Gasprom”
1998 – Moscow, ” Union Creativity ” gallery
1998 – Moscow, State Duma
1999 – Malojaroslavets, picture gallery
1999 – Zhukov, G.K.Zhukov state museum
1999 – Moscow, Russian joint-stock company “Gasprom”
2000 – Moscow, “Union Creativity” gallery
2000 – Moscow, State Duma
2001 – Moscow, Central House of artist on the Crimean Bank
2002 – Moscow, All-Russian Fund of Culture
2003 – Moscow, Moscow House of nationalities

The basic group exhibitions:
1995 – Moscow, exhibition in «Redisson-Slavyanskaja» hotel
1997 – Moscow, exhibition « Holy Russia »
1999-2002 –Moscow. Six group exhibitions in the Central house of artist
2003 – Moscow New Manege, exhibition « Borovsk in painting and poetry

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