Ivan Slavinsky ( 1968 – )


Artist Biography:

Ivan Slavinsky was born April 26 1968 in Leningrad. His father – Dmitry Oboznenko, painter of battle-pieces, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and his mother – Galina Patrabolova, art. Ivan began to paint with 5 years professional skills was the art school at the Academy of Fine Arts .

The first exhibition of Ivan Slavinsky in St. Petersburg took place in the gallery ” Association of Free Artists “in 1991 . Painter gradually began to acquire fame in St. Petersburg. There were invitations in the gallery in Moscow. Later, in 1993 Ivan Slavinsky went to France, where he lived and worked on contracts in European galleries for ten years. During this time
he held solo exhibitions in Luxembourg , Dublin ( Ireland ), Stockholm ( Sweden ), Marseille, Paris ( France ) and other cities.

In 2003 Ivan Slavinsky returned to Russia in June 2007 in St. Petersburg opened an art gallery IVAN SLAVINSKY. Extending their profile gallery changed its name to SLAVINSKY ART. From April 2010 gallery bears the name of the owner and director LAZAREV GALLERY.

In 1997 Ivan Slavinsky is a member of Russian Union of Artists. In 2009 Ivan Slavinsky became an artist-curator of the charity art event “ABC”, which is held annually as part of the “Christmas Fair” in St. Petersburg.

Life Style: 

Married with three children. He has lived and worked in St. Petersburg.


Fantastic realism – a genre in which Ivan Slavinsky works. The essence of this genre is the new reality, which the artist passes through the plastic puzzles and metaphors, are the hallmarks of paintings metamorphosis allegory, complex artistic compositions, rich palette of colors. Slavinsky wrote the classic still lifes , which are attended by Nautilus and the astrolabe, and portraits in the spirit of Impressionism and the paintings of medieval knights, and surrealist paintings and cityscapes. Professional activity Ivan Slavinsky covers more than twenty years.

Released Albums: 

“Slavinsky.” The album artwork (published for the exhibition in the “Fellowship of Free Artists” at the printing house of Ivan Fedorov, 1992 )
“Slavinsky.” The album works. 37 illustrations. (Published at the gallery “Panteleimonovskaya” design, manufacture: JSC “Russian antiques,” 2006 )
“Ivan Slavinsky. The owner of the time. ” The album works. 87 illustrations (published by the gallery SLAVINSKY ART, 2007 )

Notable owners of paintings: 

Pictures of Ivan Slavinsky were found in the collections of Michael Schumacher , Dutch and French ministers in the Swiss office of Microsoft ( Microsoft ). In Russia, the owners of his paintings have become an actress Renata Litvinova , TV host Ivan Urgant , lead singer of ” Mumiy Troll ” Ilya Lagutenko .

Participation in exhibitions:

1989 solo exhibition in Dublin ( Ireland )
1988-2004 permanent exhibition of works in the gallery “Nevsky 20”, St. Petersburg. Personal exhibitions in this gallery were held in 1990, in 1991, 1992, 1998 and 2001.
1990 participate in the parade in galleries “C. VZ Manege “, St. Petersburg
1990 participation in “Days of Russia in Sweden”, the Stockholm
1991 Participation by young artists of St. Petersburg
1992 participation in an international exhibition in Marseille ( France )
1994-2001 collaboration with the gallery «NATALIE BOIDYREFF» in Paris (France), where there were five solo exhibitions
1996 and 1998 solo exhibitions at the Luxembourg
1999 participate in an art exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall of Artists Union of Russia, Moscow
2001 participation in the exhibition “World of eight” in the apartment – Museum of the actors in the Samoilov Stremyannaya Street., St. Petersburg
2002 open a permanent exhibition at the gallery «ROSARTA» city of Rotterdam ( Netherlands )
2003 participation in the exhibition Artists’ Association of Free Artists of St. Petersburg, “dedicated to the anniversary of the city
2007 exposition «MASTER OF TIME» in the art gallery SLAVINSKY ART , city of St. Petersburg
2007 Christmas exhibition of landscapes, “Winter Petersburg” in the art gallery SLAVINSKY ART , St. Petersburg
2008 Special Exhibition «SPEED and COLOR» of the International Forum “Sochi 2014: The international cultural and educational dimension” (Moscow State Humanitarian University)
2008 exposition «THE KING OF THE MASQUERADE» in the art gallery SLAVINSKY ART , St. Petersburg
2008 Exhibition «SPEED and COLOR» in VII International Investment Forum, the Sochi
2008 Exhibition “Ivan Slavinsky. The verge of reality “in the gallery ART MIX, city of Antwerp ( Belgium )
2008 Interactive Media Exhibition “Managed worlds” in Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace, St. Petersburg
2008 Exhibition «Music of the life» at the Constantine Palace, the St. Petersburg
2009 participation in the Fair of Contemporary Art «ART Eindhoven: the Top of the Art», city Eindhoven ( Netherlands )
2009 exhibition “Return of the Boomerang”, Russian Academy of Arts Gallery, Zurab Tsereteli

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