Pavel Antipov (1979 – )


About the artist

Pavel Antipov was born near Moscow (Hot’kovo) in 1979. He entered the Russian Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg, the faculty of painting in 2000.
It is painting that is the most comfortable way for the artist to speak with the viewers and to talk to himself. By his artworks he tries to tell us about important vital things, about his emotions, moreover he gives the viewer philosophical questions for considering. From Pavel’s point of view, the most important goal of his art is the representation of interconnection of the simple and difficult, which surrounds us in our ordinary life. Pavel is aimed to give the maximum simple images which embodies difficult philosophical themes.
His artistic style was formed due to the studying of the art decorative sources in Abramcevskiy college, the academic style of painting in the Academy of Arts and the coloring and forms of icons. The compilation of the different artistic schools and Pavel’s comprehension of art have formed the recognizable author’s style.

Melnikova Maria, art critic

“… For me, painting – this is the language in which the most interesting to me to engage in dialogue with the audience and himself. His works, I’m trying to tell you about the important things for me, to convey certain emotions, ask questions of concern to me.
From my point of view, the main goal of my work – to show the relationship of simple and complex environment in all of us everyday, to give a complex philosophical themes as mere formal incarnation. ”
Pavel Antipov

The creative style of the artist Paul Antipov, emerged from the study of decorative arts at the beginning, the core of the art school Abramtsevo School, received the Academy of Arts academic manner of writing, coloring and shaping of Russian icons. The combination of different schools, supplemented by searching for creative ways of meeting the just as Paul Antipov understand the purpose of art, formed a recognizable architectural style that allows the artist to show in the tradition of the academic school inspires its reality not literally, but as the images created through symbols, metaphors and allegories.

Artistic features that distinguish the artist’s works are subtle gradations of shades that reflect the author’s studies in the field of color, form and conventionality-textured planar interpretation.
Maria Melnikova, art

Pavel Antipov has already passed a certain way to find their own artistic manner, experimenting with line, color, and “trying on” various styles of the past. The artist’s work hard to fit in some direction. He deliberately opposes itself to the field of contemporary art, contemporary art, and at the same time, far away from academic traditions. Using the techniques of Symbolism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Suprematism.
Charles Anastasia
art, Department of Contemporary Art of the State Russian Museum

His works are in collections of the Beijing National Gallery, Washington National Gallery, in numerous private collections in Russia and abroad.

In 2010, Paul was nominated for the International Antipov prize.

Nicholas Roerich

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