Ekaterina Chekalina (1980 – )


Born in Cheboksari, Russia, 13.1.1980
1996-1999- Art college, Abramzevo.
2000-2006- St.Petersburg Academy of Arts.

Since 2006, lives and works in St.Petersburg.

Sophisticated ladies in striped stockings and flirty pleated collars, quietly and slowly playing chess, riding on vintage bikes, drinking coffee, listening music or simply buried into infinite melancholy with their crinoline. These cute creatures are pretty in a deliberately naive way, artist lyrically depicted the sentiment and romance of them, and Ekaterina calls this style “positivism”, she believes that her works should please the audience. Painting for Ekaterina is a field of her imagination, dreams and desires which always about the good.

Ekaterina Chekalina grew up in a quiet suburb of Moscow named Sergiyev Posad. She began to draw at the age of five; her parents attended her painting talent and sent her to art school. After studied in Art College Abramzevo in 1999, Ekaterina was accepted to the best art school of Russia, St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and graduated in June 2006.

During the past few years, she had group and personal exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The success of this young upcoming artist is absolutely predictable. A true artist is able to awake a new vision in the spectator; this is the feature we find in her works. Today, the artist’s works are collected by several galleries in Russia and Germany.

1999-2006- Central House of Artists, Moscow
2000-2005- Manezh, Moskova
2006 – Gallery Kadieff, Helsinki
2008 – Center of Arts, Praha
2008 – Gallery Kadieff, Helsinki
2009 – Billnas, Finland
2009 – International Doll Salon , Moscow

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