Corneille (1922-2010)


Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo (3 July 1922 – 5 September 2010), better known under his pseudonym Corneille, was a Dutch artist. Corneille was born in Liege, Belgium, although his parents were Dutch and moved back to the Netherlands when he was 12. He died at Auvers-sur-Oise, France in 2010. He studied art at the Academy of Art in Amsterdam. In college, he became friend of Karel Appel, in 1949 set up CoBrA GROUP arts groups with Appel, Alechinksy, Jorn Y Dubuffet.

His early work was naturalistic, but after being inspired by the joie de vivre of French painters, and in particular by the work of younger artists such as Edouard Pignon, he slowly moved into the Cubist style. The poetic Corneille was strongly influenced by Miro and Klee. After the group dissolved in 1951 he moved to Paris and began collecting African art. These primitive artifacts became evident in his works, which began to take on a more imaginative style, like landscapes seen from a bird’s eye view, exotic birds and stylised forms. Today Corneille lives and works in Paris, he makes visits to Israel where he works with the Jaffa Atalier. On 24 in September 2003 there was an opening of his exhibition of prints, in the Ramat-Gan Museum of Art, Israel.
Corneille was best known for radicalizing the conservative Dutch art world in the early 1950s, making modern art not only acceptable, but embraceable as well. He placed familiar subjects — birds, cats, women and landscapes — in mythological and often childlike contexts, imbuing them with spontaneity and bright, sensual reds. “I am a painter of joy,” Corneille remarked at a 2007 exhibition of his work at the Cobra Museum, said Katja Weitering, the artistic director of the museum, in Amstelveen, near Amsterdam.
Beyond the Netherlands, Corneille’s work is in the collections of several American museums, including the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

科奈依(紀堯姆·科內利斯·凡·貝韋洛,7月13日1922年至9月5日2010年 )生於比利時列日市,12嵗隨荷蘭籍的父母遷居荷蘭,2010年在法國的瓦茲河畔歐韋逝世,享年88嵗。科奈依 是畫家、版畫家、陶藝家和作家, 他曾於阿姆斯特丹美術學院(Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam ,1940-1943)學習版畫,但稱他為自學成才的畫家可能更爲恰當。在學院裏與卡雷爾·阿佩爾(Karel Appel)成爲摯友, 在1949年與阿佩爾、杜畢費(Jorn y Dubuffet)、阿雷欽斯基(Alechinksy) 成立眼鏡蛇藝術團體(CoBrA)。他的早期作品忠於自然,其後受到崇尚享受生活的法國畫家薰陶,特別是年輕藝術家如愛德華·皮尼翁(Edouard Pignon),他慢慢地轉變為立體派的風格。

科奈依 具有強烈個人的繪畫風格,其靈感取材於藝術大師米羅、保羅克利、兒童繪畫、民間藝術及原始藝術的作品。 在眼鏡蛇藝術團體(CoBrA)於1951年瓦解以後,科奈依 便移居到巴黎,並開始收集非洲古玩。這批非洲收藏品的原始元素經常顯現在他的作品裏,讓畫面更具有想象空間,如鳥瞰角度的風景畫,富有異國情調的畫法: 繽紛自由的色彩,浩蕩的筆法和稚氣的塑像,形成引人入目的有趣作品。

在1950年代的荷蘭藝術圈科奈依 的作品曾應起激烈的討論,讓現代藝術更能被大衆接受。他的構圖讓熟知的元素——鳥、貓、女人、風景變得神祕化,但卻以童稚的手法呈現;兩者的融合使作品自然地滲透出感性的官能效果。座落在阿姆斯特爾芬的眼鏡蛇現代藝術博物館(Cobra Museum of Modern Art),其藝術館館長卡佳·維特寧(Katja Weitering)提及科奈依 在2007年的展覽裏自評是“歡樂的畫家”。

科奈依 生前在巴黎居住及工作,因爲工作上常與雅法工作室(Jaffa Atalier)接洽的關係,他常常走訪以色列。在2003年9月24日, 他的版畫在以色列 拉馬特甘藝術館 (Ramat-Gan Museum of Art) 展出。除了荷蘭,科奈依 的作品亦收藏在美國的數個著名藝術館,包括舊金山美術館(FAMSF) 與波士頓藝術博物館(Boston Museum of Fine Arts)等。

Biography by Nicolas Delamotte-Legrand 科奈依藝術家生平 (尼古拉斯·德拉莫特·羅格朗撰寫)

CoBrA Movement

Exhibitions and Publications

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