Natalya Simonenk (1970 – )


Born in St. Petersburg in 1970
Since 2000 member of the Russian Union of Artists

In the years of her creative activity Natalia developed her picturesque language by means of which she masterfully expresses her vision of the world. She does not pursue photographic accuracy nor takes a great interest in deepest detailed elaboration — pictures are painted in an impressionist manner where emotional colour and the representation of light and air are the base to create a wonderful mood.

In some works you will see a courageous combination of the sated contrast colours, brightness of a palette and sonority of colour, in others — a clever game of semitones, water reflections, ease and indistinct outlines. But absolutely on each canvas the artist sizes the accurate mixture to display this special image.

Natalia Simonenko has set up in art for a long time in Russia and abroad. She co-operates with a variety of art galleries located in different cities of Russia, Holland, England, France, the USA, Switzerland, and Czech Republic. Her paintings will decorate any interior by giving it a sonorous accent or by adding a certain emotional note.

1985: Graduation of the central youth school of arts of the St. Petersburg region
1992: Graduation of the pedagogic institute for graphics arts F. Gertsen, St. Petersburg, Russia
1999 Graduation from the I.E Repin State Academic Institute of Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia

Exhibitions and Achievments
– 2000 Personal exhibition at the gallery of the Russian Union of Artists
– 2001 Admission to the Russian Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia
– 2002 Personal exhibition in the Russian House of Berlin , Germany
– 2003 Participation in the exhibition of «St. Petersburg Artists» on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the foundation of St. Petersburg, Berlin, Germany
– 2003 Participation in the exhibition at St. Petersburg devoted to the 100th year of inauguration of the railroad line St. Petersburg — Moscow. The St. Petersburg’s railroad museum acquires
Simonenko’s paintings for permanent exhibition.
– 2004 Personal exhibition in the Central House of Artists at Moscow, at Moscow, Russia
– 2005 Personal exhibition in Gouda, Netherlands
– 2006 Participation in the International Biennale at Domburg and Antwerp, Netherlands
– 2006 Participation in the charity auction for the Orphaned Children Fund in Moscow, Russia
– 2007 Participation in the Exhibition of Russian Artists in Los Angeles, USA
– 2008 Personal exhibition in «Art Izba» gallery in Moscow, Russia
– 2009 Personal exhibition in the museum of the Russian Central Bank in St. Petersburg, Russia
– 2010 Participation in the Biennale «Art-Moskwa» at Moscow
– 2010 Personal exhibition in the museum of Doebeln, Germany
– 2010 Paticipition in the Chrismas exhibition of “Hegau Bodensee Galerie” in Singen, Germany
– 2011 Personal exhibiton in the museum of castle Rochsburg, Germany

Natalia Simonenko is a constant participant of seasonal exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Her works are in private and public collections in Russia, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United States of America and numerous other countries.

Works are in private and public collections in Russia, Scandinavia, Germany and The Netherlands

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