Marat Kadishev (1968 – )


Born in 1968 in Moscow.
A graduate of the Moscow Higher Institute of Art (former Stroganov School).Member of the Union of Russian Artists and the International Federation of Artists.
Between 1992 and now regularly participates in the annual exhibitions of young artists in the Central House of Artists (Spring, Fall).
1995 – Exhibition in a private gallery, Hannover, Germany.
1998 – Exhibition: “Young Classics”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
1999 – Exhibition “Moscow Graphs”.
1999 – Youth Autumn Exhibition, Artist’s House at Kuznetsky Most, Moscow.
2001 – Exhibition “Golden Brush”, Manege, Moscow.
2002 – Exhibition of Moscow Artists, Russian Culture Foundation, Moscow.
2004 – Exhibition in gallery “painters”, Moscow.
2004 – Exhibition in a private gallery in Paris, France.
2005 – Exhibition in a private gallery in Paris, France.
From 2007 – Annual participation in exhibitions the gallery “Arden” Slavonic Cultural Center, Moscow.
2007 – Solo exhibition held at the CDH, Moscow.
2010 – Participated in the annual December “Art Manege” in the Great Arena, Moscow.
2011 – CDH, Moscow.


Marat Kadyshev artist in his work goes the way through immersion in the individual unconscious and the subsequent ascent to the universal source of meaning. His style he calls decorative realism and seeks to reconcile the reality of painting and decorative textures.
Images Marat Kadysheva retain the ability to continuous self-renewal, they carry a strong associative connections, and surprises. The artist follows the path of liberation of personal imagination, through the prism of which he rises to the universal and eternal themes.
Thus, in the film “Rendezvous,” we see the moment the origin of life. The tree in the foreground of the painting “Village” symbolizes the beginning of all beginnings. A common, at first glance, still life with apples called “Conspiracy.” In the film “Faith” by the breakthrough of the closed space of the deaf in the open sea. Here the rare gift of the artist – the internal integrity of original states of the soul, which allows to look into the depths of the universe. Hence the relevance of his spontaneous art, the unity of inner and outer world.
Much attention is paid Marat Kadyshev texture of their works. First he makes a relief on the canvas, then work the color is important to him the unity of ideas and the plastic solution. Tactile artist’s work – they can not only watch, they want to touch it. The Master said any space beautifully – whether it’s a piece of asphalt or of the old wall.
The main theme of his work – the beauty of the surrounding world, his real incarnation. To understand the patterns of Marat Kadysheva be true contemplation, that is, identification with the depicted object, then open a special meditative artist and the pursuit of philosophical generalization.Building beautiful songs permeated the author’s poetic and moral building becomes its own personality. The author Ludmila Kandalova.

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