Konstantin Dmitriev (1947 – )




Konstantin Dmitriev was born in Moscow in 1947; graduated from Moscow State University (MGU).
He is a member of the Professional Art Association of Artists and Graphic Artists of Russia, a member of the International Federation of Artists (UNESCO). In 2001 he became a permanent member of exhibitions and expositions of the Gallery “Centr-M”. Most of his pictures are in Germany, Spain, the USA and France.

1987-2000– Autumn, spring and subject exhibitions (Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya
1990 – Exhibitions in the Gallery “Nikor”;
1991 – “Gold Brush-91”;
2000 – “X Anniversary Exhibition”. “Gold Brush-2000”;
1993 – the Central Exhibition Hall (Manez), “Art-93”;
1993 – Group Exhibition “Dom-kino”, the Gallery “Nikor”;
1994 – “Mark and symbol”, the Central House of an Architect;
1998 – “Painting of postmodernism”, the Committee of Culture (Kolomna);
2000-2002– Group Exhibition of Moscow Artists in Moscow cultural centres
(“Rodniki”, “Russian Centre”, “Korean Centre of Culture”);

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