Grant Sukiasian (1962 – )


Grant Sukiasian was born in 1962 in Kirovakan, Armenia. It was his mother who gave him his first drawing lessons. It was she who let him to go to the School of Arts beside of the school of base education. After that he entered the Terlizian School of Arts in Erevan, where he studied from 1978 to 1986 and graduated with a first-class degree.

Grant wanted to continue his education, and he entered the ceramics department of the “Erevan Theater and Art High school”, where he studied from 1986 till 1992. His degree work still decorates one of the chambers of the Erevan “House of the Youth”. (In the Wedding Chamber there is a decorative work with a symbolical image of hands of young people together).

After his study, Grant had his first success. A landscape of the young artist, named ‘My City’, shown at the local national exhibition, was bought by the M. Sarian-Museum for Modern Art.

Grant Sukiasian exhibited several times in Armenia, in the USSR and in other countries. In 1992 Grant became member of the Armenian Artists Union. He was invited to cooperate with major Russian galleries.

From 1993 Sukiasian lived and worked in Sochi, where he held his first personal exhibition. Since 1996 he has been living and working in Moscow.

Sukiasian`s works illustrate the own inner world of the author in symbols and allegories.
The dominant theme of his works is the image of the beautiful lady shown in the atmosphere of mystery and her own dreams with certain present of the traditional colorit of the Armenian culture.
Grant Sukiasian about his works:

“In my paintings, I show fairytales, my dreams. I can see my dream in details and later show in paintings. In the work ‘Dream’ e.g., you see a sleeping figure, surrounded with a dream of love, floating, movement. When I paint, I think about nothing, disconnecting from the real world. Entering my studio, I first of all turn on the music, it is important for me to hear music all the time. I prefer to paint with modern jazz at the background.

For an artist, it does not matter, where he lives, and that is why Erevan, where I learned painting, is always with me, just like my name and my origin. I had to leave Armenia at the moment when it was not only impossible to paint there, but even impossible to exist.”

His works exhibited in different galleries of Armenia, Russia and of other countries:
– Degree work for the Erevan Art Institute in the ‘House of the Youth (Erevan, Armenia)
– ‘My city’ (landscape), in the Sarian museum of Modern Art (Erevan, Armenia)
– Tretiakov gallery, Moscow
– ‘Grief’ (1993, oil on canvas) – Gallery Manjeley (Moscow)
– Sotchi museum
– Different works in private collections in Germany, France, Turkey and the USA

– 1983: Armenian exhibition, Erevan
– 1984: exhibition ” Soviet Union works “, Moscow
– 1985: personal exhibition in the “House of the Artist”, Erevan
– 1987: exhibition of decorative art, Erevan
– 1988: exhibition at the “Museum for Modern Art”, Erevan
– 1989 – 1993: exhibitions with works of Armenian artists in Armenia, USSR and international: Erevan, Moscow, Prague, Paris, Cologne, Warsaw
– 1994: personal exhibition in the museum of ” Fine Arts”, Sochi
– 1994: participation at the “Sochi Festival for Modern Art” with 2 works: ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘A happy journey’
– 1995: personal exhibition ‘the color of a granate’ in the “Orient gallery”, Moscow
– 1995: participation in the “Sochi Festival of Fine Arts”
– 1996: personal exhibition in de gallery ‘Russian Collection’, Moscow
– 1997: exhibition ‘Colors of Armenia’ in the “Central House of the Artists”, Moscow
– 1998: exhibition in the “Central House of the Artists”, Moscow
– 1999: exhibition in Erevan
– 2000: exhibition in Sochi
– 2001: personal exhibition in Perm
– 2004: february – 3 paintings were bought in a gallery in Knokke-Heist, Belgium, for a prestigious private collection
– 2004: march – the work of Grant Sukiasian is shown at the European Art Exposition in Luxembourg. 5 paintings are bought by different collectors

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