Vadim Velichko (1929 – )


He was born in Ulyanovsk, 1929. He graduated from the children Art School (teacher M. Khazanov). He graduated Moscow Art College (the teachers: M. Khazanov, M. Perutsky, K. Dorokhov). The begin of work as a graphic and designer in publishing houses. Studies in the Central House of railwayman (the teacher- L. Tanklevskiy). A participant of exhibition, a member of he committee of book’s artist and graphics, a member of Soviet artist’s Union. Dedicated by diploma of Russia artist’s Art Union. A member of international Art Fund and member of the Moscow artists Union.

The works are in museums and galleries of following Russian towns: Tula, Iaroslavl, Vologda, Novokuznetsk, Ekaterinsburg, Archangelsk, Penza, Aleksin, Yzlovaia, Gagarin, Spassk and in foreign art collections (Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Mexico).

1960- Group Exhibition. Moscow
International Exhibition < FISAIC>.Budapest.
1961- All Union Exhibition of Amateur Art.
1964- The 6th Exhibition of Young Artists. Moscow.
International Exhibition, FISAIC>.Paris.
1965- Personal Exhibition. Moscow
1966- The 7th Exhibition of books, graphic and posters.
1967- Exhibition <Monuments of the history in the Works of Moscow Artists>
1973-2000 Spring Exhibition and Autumn Exhibitions.
1976- Sale Exhibition-Sale of Soviet Art’s Works in Japan
1977- Republic Exhibition <The Land of Tumeni>
Sale Exhibition of Soviet Art Works in Germany.
1980- Exhibition dedicated to 110-years of V. Lenin.
Personal Exhibition .Moscow
1983- Republic Exhibition<Cornfield of Altai>
Exhibition <Sport in art>
1984- Exhibition <Russian North>
1989- Personal Exhibition. Moscow
1990- Exhibition: <The Land of Riazani>
1991- Regional Exhibition of Moscow Artists
1992- Exhibition <Moscow Art’s School>
1997- Winter Exhibition.
1998- Exhibition <Russian art>. Madrid
1999- Exhibition, dedicated to 200 year of Pushkin’s birth. Moscow
Personal exhibition in the town Tula
Exhibition < The Time to Make Presents>. Yaroslavl.
2000- Exhibition <RUSIA, Siglo XX> Spain (Madrid).
Exhibition :<Presents of Moscow Artists>, Vologda.
Exhibitions: < Presents of Moscow Artists>, Novokuznetsk
2001- Exhibition <RUSIA, Sigo XX>.Spain (Pamplona, Vitoria)
2002- Exhibition <World of Painting>
Exhibition < Works From the Collection of A. Zaripov>.
Exhibition <70 years Moscow Artist’s Union>.
Exhibition <Russia, Sigo XX>.Spain
2003- Exhibition <The Golden Brush>. Moscow.
Exhibition<Russian , Sigo XX>.Spain
2004- Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. Moscow


The Red Army 「紅軍」

This work tells the story of a young red army boy. Life as a soldier must be hard with childish innocence absented from his face. He is proud to dedicate his youth fighting for his country, but more and more he misses home. The cold rifle and the animated dog which the boy holds in each hand imply the ambivalence in his mind. His outfit, moreover, tells more about his background. The audience can easily imagine the freezing weather and difficult life in the army by his red velvet hat and heavy uniform.

The character is placed in the centre. The wooden architecture at his back creates a transitive space in the left side, the vertical lines at the same time stabilizes the picture. The impressionist style of colours and brushwork is commonly used by the artist. Tones of blue, green and brown accentuate the state of desolation, making a harmonized but lonely picture.

作品描繪了一位紅軍少年,經歷了艱巨的軍旅生涯,年輕的臉蒙上了歲月的風塵。紅軍需要負起保家衞國的責任,但長年征戰令他思鄉的情懷更深。溫柔而堅定的眼神,流露出雖厭倦戰事但仍勇於承擔的氣魄。他一手抱持長槍,另一隻手則撫摸著狗隻,兩者的舉動一剛一柔;頭戴紅星絨帽子, 身穿厚重的禦寒軍服,從背景及其衣著都讓觀眾感受到他正處身寒冷的地域,竭力堅守崗位。


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