Alexander Dudin (1953 – )


Works of Alexander Dudin conserve the beauty and preciseness of traditional Russian academic art. Artist fascinated with anatomy and philosophy, through depicting the dynamic of body, Dudin shows the power of human life, reminds us that our body is transient, yet eternal marvelous. This exhibition will show a series of figure drawings by Dudin in chorus.

Alexander Leonidovich Dudin was born in 1953 in Yalta. In 1973 he graduated from the Palekh Art School named after Maxim Gorky and Art Faculty of the All-Union State Institute for Cinematography in Moscow in 1979. After serving in the military, now he teaches as a lecturer at All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (VGIK).

For a quarter century Dudin designed and illustrated over 100 books and uncountable magazines. The artist has continuously engaged in easel painting and graphics in the same time. He participates in numerous exhibitions both in his country and abroad. The works of Alexander Dudin can be seen in various museums. They were highly appreciated by art critics and collectors. According to critic AO Kleimenova “the power of artistic language and philosophical depth, virtuosity earned him the technique has long recognized experienced connoisseurs.”

It would seem that the artist has found his fertile niche. His drawing is always recognizable, in the exact sign of the times and in tune with the literary source: an interesting world of contemporary (“Name for my son” by M. Shchukin, “Milady Rothman” by Vladimir Lichutina, and “The Dome” by Varlamov), underlined the traditional (the collection of “Russian masters”). Dudin designed a poster at registration of political fiction: here it seems, voluntarily becomes a “hostage time”, its design focused on the text “working” (most popular series of “Privy Councilor Leader” by Vladimir Uspensky and A. Prokhanov bestseller “Mr. RDX”).

And book illustrated by Dudin (including the complicacy of its penetration depth and volume of material, “The Bible for Children”), and nudity (in this genre Dudin, according to colleagues, takes a leading position in Russian art) and landscapes paintings (the Crimea, India), and the magnificent still lifes paintings, which are known not only in Russia but also abroad (Austria, Britain, Italy, etc.) – cannot leave the viewer indifferent.

“A powerful chord is begins” said by a critic, and this definition can be attributed to his entire creation.



亞歷山大·列昂尼多維奇·杜辛1953年出生于雅爾達;1973年入學莫斯科的Palekh藝術學院(前身是高爾基和全聯盟州立學院攝影藝術系)並畢業于1979年。在完成兵役以後在All-Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK)任教。杜辛曾為無數的雜誌以及書刊繪製以及設計插圖,這對於藝術家的創作很有幫助。他也參加過國内外爲數不少的展覽,其作品也被各大博物館以及許多藝術收藏家所收藏。据其中一位藝評人AO Kleimenov所形容:“他的藝術語言和哲學了解的深度,再加上精湛的技藝使他贏得了經驗豐富的鑑賞家(的賞識)。”



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