Yuri Grigorian (1946 – )



Grigorian was born in a small village Tsovatekh of the ancient legendary land of Nagorny Karabakh in 1946. The painter now lives and works in Moscow. In 1969 he graduated from the theater department of the Moscow Art College 1905, and in 1976 – Moscow Art Institute Surikov, workshop by Professor N. Ponomareva. He started his creative activity by participating in the Youth exhibition of Moscow artists in 1972. Distinguished by a rare capacity for work and diligence, upon graduation of high school, Grigorian was able to present an exhibition organized by the “Youth” magazine for more than 70 canvases. Two years later Yuri Grigorian became Fellow Union of Artists. His work “Armenian Woman” had won the artist the Gold Medal at the “Contemporary Soviet Painting Exhibition in Japan in 1987.

The main creative features of the artist are – bright colors, complex texture, and harmonious composition. For all the variety of styles – landscapes, still lifes and nude models, Grigorian is particularly good at female portraits. More than 50 works by Yuri Grigorian are in the collections of public museums and galleries in Russia and the former Soviet Union, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Oriental Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow and State Gallery of Armenia.

A considerable number of works by Yuri Grigorian are collected by prominent galleries in different countries – Gallery Actuel G. Basmadzhana (France), Nicolay & Son (Germany), Show Office Montreal (Canada), New Generation Cultural Society (Australia) Roy Miles Gallery (England) Museum Schnittke (Germany), Museum of Bernd-Artin Wessels (Germany), Museum of Denver (USA), as well as many corporate and private (including Mikhail Gorbachev and Al Gore), collections in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Sochi and abroad – in Croatia, Germany, USA, France, Italy, Canada, Turkey, Montenegro, Great Britain, Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, South Korea. Yuri Grigorian has devoted two monographs, where the full bibliography includes more than 40 items. Among the authors are leading critics, writers and journalists of the country.
In August 2006, he was awarded the title “Honored Artist of Russia,” presidential decree.

Yuri Grigorian style is vivid and expressive, and his paintings owe their beauty to the biblical tranquil wisdom. He works as graphic artist, monumental painter and stage designer. He never rests on his laurels, though being awarded many times in this country and abroad, which brought him fame.

The scope of his interest is very broad. He tries to rebuild the reality according to the laws of beauty. “I try to reflect wisdom and harmony of the world in my paintings, and this makes me really happy. In the world around us everything is expressive due to the inner sense each generation finds in its time.”

Exhibition Gallery “Artefact”, Moscow
Contemporary Art Exhibition, Monaco 2008
Carot-“Nostalgia”. Exhibition of paintings at the Museum of Glinka, Moscow 2006
Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of Moscow Union of Artists, Manege, Moscow>
2007 – Exhibition of Armenian Art, Museum of the Revolution, Moscow 2005
Exhibition of paintings of Moscow artists in “Crocus Expo”
Exhibition Gallery “Wert”, Moscow
Personal exhibition in the office of financial corporation Uralsib, Moscow
Exhibition Gallery Ararat Art, Moscow
Exhibition Gallery, “New Century”, Moscow
Exhibition “World of Painting and Sculpture”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
Exhibition “Only Star”, the National Chamber of Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow
2004 – Charity Auction Operation Smile, Moscow
2002-2003 – exhibition in gallery “Centaur”, Moscow.
2002 – exhibition “70 years of the Moscow Union of Artists, Manege, Moscow. 2001
charity exhibition under the patronage of the Gorbachev Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow.
“Moscow Artists”, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
exhibition “1700 years of Christianity in Armenia, Moscow.
“Monolith”, Moscow.
Exhibition in Nice, France. 2000
exhibition at the Art Academy of Russia, Moscow.
exhibition at the Travel House Gallery, Moscow.
Exhibition in Nice, France. 1999
Exhibition at the German Embassy, Moscow.
exhibition in Munich. 1998
Exhibition in London
exhibition in Munich.
Exhibition Gallery Manege, Moscow.
Exhibition at the ITAR-Tass, Moscow. 1997
Exhibition in Casablanca, Morocco.
Show in Central House of Artists, Moscow.
Exhibition in Vienna, Austria.
Exhibition Island Kopchula, Croatia.
1995.1996 – an exhibition on the island Kopchula, Croatia.
1994 Exhibition in Germany.
1992 Exhibition in the U.S..
1989 Exhibition in the house of foreign countries, Moscow.
1980 exhibition in Yerevan.
1977 Exhibition in the magazine “Youth”, Moscow

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