Irina Antoshina (1960 – )


Irina Antoshina was born in the Urals in the 1960s, studied art and textile design in Siberia and currently lives in Tver, an old Russian town not far from Moscow.

Selected Exhibitions:

2009 International Art Salon, Moscow
2008 ‘Under the Blue Sky…’ Pushkin House, London
2008 Charitable Group Exhibition at Galitzine House,

2007 Personal Exhibition, The National Arts Club,
New York
2001 Group exhibition in “Look & A” Gallery London.
2000 ‘Walking in the clouds’, Personal Exhibition, Tver
1998 ‘Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov’ (‘Belief, Hope, Love’)
Exhibition, Moscow

Private collections in France, Germany, Great Britain,
Hong-Kong, Sweden, USA, Russia (including Alfa Bank,
Rajfazenbank and Moscow International Bank, ‘N-Prospect’
Gallery in St Petersburg)

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