Alexander Abramov (1947 – )


The talented Moscow theater artist Alexander Abramov’s canvases and pictures represent the border between two worlds: visual and un-visual, the unstable world of illusions and the ideal world of symbols. The main tendency in his art is the incarnation of the world of intuition, revelation and insight, the world that evokes meditation and has a positive energetic cargo.  Abramov’s canvases include the mystery of origin, metaphysical abstraction and geometrical macro-structure. The artist considers the second world a pure creation, achievement of the highest freedom.

In this sense, Alexander professes spiritual avant-garde. Through free expression and color, geometric graphics and local color achieved musical sound paintings. Each painting becomes a window into the spiritual world, a small revelation and a miracle, a new heaven and new earth. “My painting is a formula and puzzle consisting of epiphanies of my soul and learning the secret meaning of the universe.“ The artist said.

Alexander Abramov was born in Moscow in 1947. He graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute in 1972. After that he worked in theatres as a painter (of curtains and tapestry). He is a member of Russian Artist Union and the UNESCO Artist Federation.

Since 1987 he has participated in various exhibitions of the modern avant-garde painting in Moscow and abroad (gallery “Atelier-T”, Austria). He works also appear in various auctions (Dorotheum, Austria; Tatsun, Germany).

In 1991 he participated in the exhibition of the Underground Art in Manege, (Moscow). In 1992 he organized his personal exhibition “Analitika vanguard” (Tushino, Moscow). In 1994 he participated in the collective exhibition in the Central Artists House (Moscow). His works are in private collections in Russia, Europe and USA.

我們可以看到畫裡分隔著兩個世界:視覺世界和精神世界; 一面是充滿幻想的不穩定世界,另一個側是理想的世界的象徵。他的畫藝充滿直覺,啟示和洞察力,畫中世界沉穩並引發更多有力的可能性。在他畫中的世界包含著許多形而上的抽象元素和幾何宏觀結構。對藝術家而言,那是一個純粹的創造,成就最高的自由, 無限制之境地。

2001-“Golden brush” Central House of Artist, Moscow
1994- Collective exhibition in the Central House of Artist in Moscow
1992-“Art-myth 2 “, Manege, Moscow
1991- “Analytica vanguard”, Tushino, Moscow
– Exhibition of Underground Art in Manege, Moscow
1987- Auction “Dorotheum”, Austria, “Tatsun”, Germany
– Started to participate in exhibitions, gallery “Atelier-T”Austria

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