Olga Trushnikova (1963 – )


Olga Trushnikova was born in Ulyanovsk (Russia) in 1963; she graduated from the Moscow Institute of Arts. Since 1984, she has regularly participated in regional, national and all-Union exhibitions, and was admitted into the Moscow Artists’ Union in 1995. Trushnikova now lives in Moscow.

Olga’s works are rich in colour and are mainly about her perspective of leisure cities. Colour is a way for the artist to give form to things and to set the mood by means of projecting real emotions; even shadows are created in colour. This brings liveliness to her paintings.

Trushnikova naturally combines the traditions of Russian folk art and the energy of post-impressionism in her artwork. She further constructs figures in geometric patterns and wooden textures, which are employed in her sculptural creations. Sense of light, harmony and pleasure are emanating from her paintings, even simple stories consist of composite shapes and colourful palettes.

As a basis of her paintings, Olga Trushnikova takes an Old Russian concept of space through enlarging the primary figures to convey their significance. Large figures against a small town with small houses and gardens emphasize the magnitude of a man and not his environment. Her painting “Old City Music”, depicts three street musicians playing cello, guitar and pipe—a Russian folk music wind instrument. The cellist in front has his back facing us, while the wind musician in the middle looks out of the canvas as if he is inviting a viewer into his world. The guitarist is placed furthest away, wearing an outfit that echoes that of the cellist’s, in contrast to the buildings in the background that are simple and plain. The figures on the right are also painted in detail and in brilliant colours.

Olga’s oeuvres portray her desire to capture human emotions and behaviours in ordinary life. Her works are in collections in Ulyanovsk, Zelenograd and Togliatti art museums, as well as in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France.

奧爾加﹒特鲁什尼科瓦  (1963 – )





Major exhibitions:

1987. – Republican exhibition “The Artist and Time”.
1988. – All-Union Exhibition of Young Artists.
1988. – Exhibition “Soviet youth” in Japan.
1988. – 18th Youth Exhibition in Moscow.
1989. – Republican Exhibition “Science and Space” / Kaliningrad /.
1990. – Solo exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Proletarian District / Moscow /.
1990. – Group exhibition in Rome.
1990. – 19th Youth Exhibition in Moscow.
1991. – Art Myth 2 / Moscow /.
1992. – Republican exhibition “Artists of Russia.”
1993. – Joint exhibition with S. Mantserevym CHA / Moscow /.
1994. – Solo exhibition in the Hall “at Solyanka” / Moscow /.
1995. – Joint exhibition with S. Mantserevym CHA / Moscow /.
1998. – Solo exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Bauman district / Moscow /.
2001. – Joint exhibition with S. Mantserevym CHA / Moscow /.
2002. – Personal exhibition in Central House of Artists / Moscow /.
2004. – Solo exhibition at the Gallery of “Babylon” / Samara /.
2005. – Personal exhibition in Central House of Artists / Moscow /.
2005. – Joint exhibition with S. Mantserevym “Where are the parallels converge” in the CHA / Moscow /.
2006. – Solo Exhibition. Zelenograd / Moscow /.
2007. – Personal exhibition in Central House of Artists / Moscow /.
2008. – Personal exhibition in gallery “Babylon” / Samara /.
2008-2009. – Exhibition in Ulyanovsk Art Museum.
2009. – Solo exhibition at the Art Museum of Togliatti.
2009. – Solo exhibition at the Palace of Culture “Zelenograd” / Moscow /

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