Elena Beliakova (1963 – )


Born in 1963 in Moscow.Studied in the Moscow Secondary School of Arts named after Surikov. Graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Arts named after Surikov in 1988 (Studio Director: Professor T.T. Salakhov, Full Member of Russian Academy of Arts). Member of Russian Artists’ Union since 1989.

Since 1986, she has taken part in more than 20 Moscow-based, Republican, All-Union and foreign exhibitions, including:

1986 All-Union Exhibition of diplomas. Manege. Moscow.
1987 The exhibition “World Congress of Women.” Moscow. Kuznetsk bridge 11
1988 Exhibition of young artists. Bulgaria.
1989 The exhibition (together with K. Papikyanom). Moscow. Running 7/9.
1990 International Plein Air. “Transcarpathian Fall.” Uzhgorod.
1990 Group exhibition (S.Bychkov, Smirnov, K.Papikyan, Yu.Neroda). Moscow. Central House of Arts.
1991 Exhibition “Russian and Lithuanian artists.” Stuttgart. Germany.
1993 The exhibition (in conjunction with K.Papikyanom). Moscow. Exhibition Hall on Tverskaya 18.
1996 Exhibition Gallery “Moscow artist.”
1997 The personal exposure. Gallery of “The Book of Sand.” Moscow. Art-Manege.
1999 IX All-Russian Art Exhibition. Manege. Moscow.
2000 Exhibition “C.Peterburg – Moscow.” St. Petersburg.
2001 The Museum of Modern Art. Moscow.
2002 The exhibition “Moscow – St. Petersburg.” Moscow.
2003 The exhibition “70 years of USDA.” Moscow. Manege.
2004 The exhibition of 20 painters in Moscow and Moscow. Kuznetsk bridge 20.
2006 Group exhibition of six artists in Moscow and Kuznetsk bridge 20.
2006 International Project Musee de la Poste, France – Russia.
2007 Participation in the permanent exhibition of the Fund – 7 Moscow. Smolensky Blvd.
2008 “Tradition and Modernity” TSVZH “Arena.” Moscow.
2008 “Artesaniya” Moscow “Manege”, King Gallery.
2008 Exhibition of Moscow Painters “Bridge.” Moscow. Kuznetsk bridge 11.

Permanent member of the Moscow “Spring and Autumn” shows and exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Her works are in the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, the Gallery of Modern Art, Urgench (Uzbekistan), Nizhny Tagil State Museum of Fine Arts, Omsk Vrubel Museum, as well as in private collections in Russia, Germany (F.W. Olsen Hamburg), USA (collection of Marla Meyer) , Hungary, Belgium, Spain (Art International Gallery Bilbao), in the collection Fund – 7, in the collection of King Gallery.

<Adam and Eva> tells the story of Adam and Eve. They are all naked and have obtained wisdom after taking the forbidden fruits. Eve is in a calm and still manner on the left while Adam shows his shyness using his hands to cover up his body. The figures are like flattened planes with round bodies and long, slim limbs. They look childish and naïve with small eyes and noses on their oval shape face. The dark cold color tone of the background together with the slender new moon contrasts with the characters in the centre, fogging the painting with heaviness.

<Two Women and the Dog> describes two women bathing under the moon. The one in front is naked with just a scarf around her body and is just about to put on the high-heeled shoes in a comfortable posture; the one behind wears only underwear, is leaning forward washing her hair. There is a simple drawn dog by the woman’s side with its tail waving upwards showing its curiosity and self satisfactory.

The figures are in a flattened form which is mainly enhanced by the hardness and softness of the lines. Beliakova takes the even pink as the background showing implicit simplicity while there is a piece of dark brown color under the feet of both characters and it functions in two ways: it points out the horizon providing stability to the whole picture and it helps to bring out the theme. The painting is delighted by the use of dramatic change of color saturation instead of variation in colors. The entire painting is surrounded by a harmonic atmosphere while the characters carry a taste of sorrow.



Adam and Eva

Two women’s and the dog

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