Alexander Vasilievich Sapozhnikov (1925 – 2009 )


Alexander Vasilievich Sapozhnikov, born in 1925, is one of the oldest graphic artists of Russia and famous books illustrator in Europe. He graduated from Moscow Institute of decorative-applied arts. Then he entered into the school of outstanding artists Alexander Deineka and Vladimir Favorsky . For a lot of time of his creative biography he has decorated more than 200 hundred books. Among recognized successful works of his there are illustrations to the book of Tomas Spenser Eliot “The waste lands”, to poetry of Pablo Neruda, Ronsard, Alfred Varella, to prose of Max Frisch, Heinrih Boell, Anna Zegers, etc.

A lot of works of Alexander Sapozhnikov (including series “Theatre”, “Circle”, “Ballet”) are subjects for collecting, are at museums and abroad, and his unique signs to amateurs of books became the property of the world small-scale graphics.

Series of illustrations to the novel of Michael Bulgakov “Master and Margaret” was drawn in 2000-2001. And as the artist says he quite critically treats his attempt to make visible images and parts of the genius novel: charm of misty unsaid words, amazing melodic of Russia language – all this after reading of the novel becomes very personal.

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