Maxim Lapshin (1984 – )


Maxim Lapshin was born in 1984 in Leningrad. He studied in the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art.

His artistic biography includes achievements such as Prometheus Star award of scientists and artists of St. Petersburg in 1999, Hope of Russia scholarship in 2000, a personal exhibition No words (Wordless) in 2005, Central Gallery, St. Petersburg, Podium in Radisson SAS Hotel (St. Petersburg) in 2006, participation in the 6th international biennale exhibition Dialogues ( The Central Exhibiting Hall Manege, St. Petersburg, Russia) in 2005, Gallery Festival exhibition in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall (St. Petersburg) in 2005, Art Index exhibition of the Russian Museum of Ethnography (St. Petersburg) in 2006.

The general theme of the artist’s creative activity is the image of Eternal femininity. His works are very symbolic but also there are surrealistic motives, bright colors of medieval panting and belle époque mood. The paintings of the artist are found in private collections in the European countries, US, Canada, China and Hong Kong.

Maxim Lapshin’s art represents the so-called high style that many collectors have already come to appreciate. His unusual style, a juxtaposition of graphic and decorative art as well as a reflection of elegance of fashion in visual art has already surprised the audience at his personal exhibition Podium in the Radisson SAS Hotel in 2006. Endless amounts of silk, brocade, guipure – features more suitable to describe a fashion collection than a work of art.

Maxim Lapshin’s paintings are so refined with so much attention given to decorative elements, fabric design, and texture of accessories that they become a piece of jewelry. His art is to a large extent based on the traditions of art-nouveau period noted for its fusion of decoration and painting.

Speaking about Maxim Lapshin’s style, the line between a piece of art and a fashion accessory is very thin here. He took a lot from the last century’s stylistics, art nouveau, symbolism of the 19th century. Beyond doubt, his style represents a new trend in the modern art and taste; tired from emotional pressures of the past century art we long for harmony and aesthetic pleasure. Maxim Lapshin’s paintings are not only stylish and sumptuous; there is a deep symbolic meaning behind them telling us about long forgotten times and brevity of human life.

馬克西姆 拉普申在1984年出生於聖彼德堡,就讀於聖彼德堡藝術學院。1999年,拉普申獲得聖彼德堡文化和科學工作者:普羅米修斯之星的榮譽,更於2005年參展「對話」 (Dialogues)–第六屆國際雙年展(聖彼德堡中央展覽廳),以及2006年在俄羅斯民族博物館展出作品等。

通過拉普申的想像,我們被帶領進入仙境般的夢幻世界, 他的創作題材一般圍繞女性及時間,具象徵性及超現實味道,中世紀高彩度的用色,氣氛優美,畫面簡單有力而和諧。同時,作品不只有時尚和華麗的圖像,還隱含着深層的意思,細訴著古老的歷史和人生的短暫。


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