Victor Pogodin (1948 – 2004)


Pogodin was born in Omsk in 1948. Since 1974 he has participated in many collective exhibition in the Soviet Union, Russia and abroad. Pogodin executed is works in bright colours and refreshing brushstrokes. His post-impressionist style shows the artist’s consciousness in colours and forms.

One can be easily seduced by the excellent execution of motion and colour in “East Wind”. The two women are pale and delicate with narrowed eyes, contrasting with their colourful makeup. The woman in the centre wears bright coloured dress of orange and yellow, which attracted all our attention. The dancing colours echo with their flying hair in the wind. She is playing the accordion, the woman next to her listening attentively. The background is painted in a similar way of dynamic pattern-like colours, giving the audience a feeling of light breeze.

The background is divided by four groups harmonic colours, from left to right, green, blue, grey and blue, with the green implying the outdoor scene. The grid of blue and the orange dress form a strong contrast color, making the canvas even more brilliant. The artist did not only pay attention on the canvas, but also extending his creativity into the frame. The frame colour echoes with the canvas, as a result a more vibrant and lively art piece.

1948年生於Omsk, 2004年卒。1974年開始活躍於蘇聯各項藝術展覽。作品私人收藏遍及歐洲、美國、加拿大、日本及中國。 波戈金 维克托作品風格屬於後印象派,色彩繽紛,筆觸爽朗充滿了畫家對色彩及形體表現性的自覺。

East Wind「東方的風」在動感及色彩都處理得很精彩。畫面上描繪了兩個女性,造型上人物有種病態美,柔柔弱弱的身體,臉蛋蒼白,眼睛細長嫵媚配以艷麗彩妝,二人的頭髮都被吹歪了。較中央的女性身穿橙色連身裙,色調熱情動人,橙黃相間形成「色彩跳動」,將整個注意力都集中到她身,她正在彈奏著手風琴,旁邊的另一位女仕則在細意傾聽。背景和衣物的繪畫手法相近,都是塊狀斑駁,筆法灑脫而具動感形造了微風輕吹的效果。


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