Galina Al’bertovna Bystritskaya (1961-)


Born in Moscow in 1961, Galina Al’bertovna Bystritskaya graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute in 1985, in the same year, she was admitted to the Union of Artists. In 1992, she was awarded the most interesting work exhibited prize of “Golden Brush”.
Galina Al’bertovna Bystritskaya is devoted to travel, she illustrated numerous places, from the busy clamorous fish market to the placid Saint Marks Square, not only impressed by the distinctive brush strokes of expression but also the spirited use of colors, the viewers seem to get in the excitement when wandering Venice and India.

In “Nuns near the ocean at sunset”, the canary yellow of reflection creates a strong contrast with the shadows of the nuns, the boorish brush strokes sketched the wrinkled gowns and the swinging waves, definitely and rapidly captured the movement of playing, nuns, instead of being dutiful and quiet, they became lively and rackety. Surrounded by these dynamic paintings, viewers experience the joyance of travelling.

Her works are kept in museums, galleries in Vladivostok, Vologda, Bryansk, the New Jerusalem and in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany and other countries.

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