Evgeny Samsonov (1926 – present)


Evgeny Samsonov, born in 1926, is a famous Russian socialist painter. People’s artist of the RSFSR. Awarded the Silver medal of the USSR Academy of Arts. Graduated from Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov. Joined the USSR Union of Artists in 1954. He served as the Chairman of the Moscow Regional Union of Russian Artists from 1976 to 1986. Several times participated in all-Soviet art exhibitions, as well as republic exhibitions “The Soviet Russia”. The artist’s works are represented in the State Tretyakov Galley, the State Russian Museum.The works of Samsonov E.I. are kept in the Tretyakov State Gallery, The State Russian Museum. Samsonov works are of a Soviet spirit. He is a guardian of the past who can dissolve ordinary moments into extraordinary sensations, and let sincerity permeate in the face of his characters through careful composition and strong brushwork.

Worker by Evgeny Samsonov

The painting <Workers> describes a welding worker, showing the characteristics of a laborer and releasing self confidence through depicting his strong thick body and his pair of rough but powerful hands. This is the celebration of the working class, the usual approach of socialist artist, turning any ordinary figure into a hero. Through the highlight of the body language of the figure, Samsonov tries not to balance the size of the head and body, together with the large area of shadow at the back, resulting in a strong dramatic effect. The use of harmonic color enriches an elegant sense to the worker. The worker carries the image of a military man with wires on his hands and protective masks on his face, suggesting that the working class is like a soldier working hard for the society, acting as a role model to the people.

Evgeny Samsonov生於1926年,是俄羅斯有名的社會主義畫家。1976年至1986年間出任莫斯科地區的藝術家聯會主席。Samsonov的作品充滿蘇聯精神,他是往昔的守護者,透過仔細的構圖強勁的筆觸把尋常的時刻描繪出不平凡的感動,表現彌漫真摰的人物。

< 工人>一畫中描繪了一位燒焊工人,他的體形結實粗大,表現出勞動者的特徵,他的一雙手,刻劃有力,整個人物的繪畫均表現出<工人>自信的氣度。這是社會主義畫家褒揚勞動階層的表現手法之一,把普通人物塑造出英雄感,從圖中人物的肢體語言上Samsonov用了頭細身大的局部處理。另外在構圖上背景的大面積陰影,前後空間對比一虛一實,亦令畫面戲劇感加強。通體採用和諧的色彩,加強了勞動人物的優雅。他手持的電線,頭戴保護面罩,形象好比軍人,暗示勞動階層是社會的一員軍人,正為社會努力拚搏工作,有起典範的作用。

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